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The company


Manufacturer of the traditional Fulguris Batteries, Newpower is a 100% national company, exclusively dedicated to the production of High technology special batteries. Inserted in a strategic sector disputed by multinationals over years, the brand Fulguris grew in the market imposing a legacy of quality and excellence through its products and services. Fulguris' solutions are developed by Brazilian's leading batteries experts, always observing the most renowned international quality standards. Along our 50 years of history, we achieved full confidence of our clients, and nowadays we are sales leader of industrial batteries, with around 70% of the national market share. We credit all the success achieved by our company, to what we consider to be our greatest assets: The knowledge, the specialization, and the competence of our collaborator and technical teams, which forms a family of approximately 800 professionals highly compromised with the satisfaction of our clients, and supported by the biggest and most modern complex for production of industrial batteries in Latin America, with more than 140.000m² of infrastructure.


Subway & Railways Oil Platforms Antennas Forklifts Photovoltaic systems Nautical Signaling Military applications Airport applications Data Centers

Fulguris Batteries applications


- Motive Power Traction
- Military applications
- Nautical applications
- Airport applications
- Railway applications
- Computerized banking system
- Telecommunication systems
- UPS and No-Breaks
- Emergency systems
- Photovoltaic systems

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