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Fluxo do ChumboFor Newpower, the respect, environment preservation, development and application of suitability techniques, are priority activities of our business.

We implemented a rigorous system of environmental management, which we extend to all of our supply chain and partners, demanding high patterns of quality and responsibility with environment in all of our production steps.

We provide for our clients an exclusive department to orient, and provide an appropriate environmental disposal for the batteries at the end-of-lifetime.


Newpower goes beyond of the legal exigencies in its environment programs, and has a differential that shows how seriously we defend our planet and our natural sources. We have an own and exclusive unit to recycle dead batteries, where we receive not only Fulguris batteries, but also batteries from other brands and manufacturers. Our recycling plant implemented a modern process, in which we neutralize the sulfuric acid, and then recycle the Lead and the plastic of these batteries, reinserting the recovered raw material in our production process of new batteries; with this we prevent the Lead pollution over our environment, decreasing the Lead extraction demand in mines, and also reducing the production necessity of new plastic compounds, that are basic derivatives of petroleum.


The batteries industry in Brazil has one of the most modern regulations of the world, with extremely rigorous environmental laws and regulations, that are supervised by organizations like CETESB, FEAM, CONOMA, IBAMA, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Healthy, and others.


Newpower does not only attend all of the legislations, norms and resolutions, we also invest in new innovative and referential concepts for the protection of the environment and the healthy.


We dispose:

-Covered areas that allow the safe conditioning and stowage of batteries.
-Effluent treatment system for the neutralization of acid and lead.
-Management of solid residues, as heavy metals and plastics, for the appropriate environmental destination.
-Modern filters and control systems for air emissions.
-Water treatment and reuse system.
-Collect and recycle chain of dead batteries.
-Continuous environmental monitor system.


Disposal Of batteries


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