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Compromise since the first commercial contact, until the issue of complex turn-key projects; check out some of our customers which are benefited with quality, confidence, excellent treatment and competitive prices offered by Newpower. Also discover in the bellow testimonials the reason why we are considered not only a supplier, but a strategic partner of our clients.


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"With Fulguris we found quality, punctuality and good prices. If all of our suppliers were like them, we would be in heaven."

Flávio Canal- Director of Kontatec electric systems

"We know Fulguris and their history for more than 30 years, and we follow its progression in the market. We identify a lot of things that are common to Matrac's profile, as quality, integrity and growth, among other things, which made our companies to become partners three years ago, and until this moment we still have a successful partnership. Marco Antonio surprises us again with the entrepreneur spirit to face the challenge of build the new factory, which, for sure, it's an object of pride for all of us, and confirms once again our right decision of work holding hands with the biggest manufacturer of traditional batteries in Brazil"

Edmilson Dos Anjos- Maltrac's Director.

"Since the beginning of 2006, ESA, a company of Kion Group (Still and Linde forklifts), was selecting manufacturer of accessories, as batteries, chargers, little cars, etc. for the machines that are commercialized in Brazil. The idea was that these partners would fabricate the accessories as OEM for the brands Still and Linde, which are commercialized by ESA (KION GROUP) in Brazil. Still and Linde were already working for a few years by this way in Europe, offering a complete solution for our clients. In this case, machine, battery, charger and more accessories were provided to our clients with the Still and Linde's brand. Most of our clients feel more comfortable to know that they can buy a complete solution from one single supplier, without worrying about problems of incompatibility of the products acquired, guaranty, etc. Were considered points as supplier's reliability, quality of the product, capacity of production, historic of supply, the presence in the Brazilian market and good cost in the process of supplier´s selection. In the case of the batteries, the process of selection took much more time than the other accessories, because the battery is the heart of electric machines and we had to make the right decision before we could offer the solution to our costumers. After a long and very critic process of selection, Fulguris was chosen to become ESA partner in this new challenge, mainly because of their historic and quality products. The commercial relation between ESA and Fulguris has already many years and we thank all of our clients for the trust that they put on our partnership, because both ESA and Fulguris are the leaders in the Brazilian market of electric equipments. We started the manufacturing process of ESA/Fulguris Batteries in the beginning of 2007, and we are sure that we chose the write option."

Frank Bender- President-director of ESA.

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